Chronicle of Higher Education highlight's Elon's use of innovative technologies

The April 8 article included insight into how Elon is using a new adaptive planning-and-advising software from tech company Stellic. 

A recent report by The Chronicle of Higher Education focused on how colleges and universities are increasingly integrating artificial intelligence into enrollment, advising and campus facilities included highlights of Elon efforts. 

A screenshot from the April 8 article in The Chronicle of Higher Education
The April 8 article by reporter Lee Gardner titled “How A.I. is Infiltrating Every Corner of the Campus” explains about the work Elon has done to help students track their courses and plot a path to graduation that allows them the ability to also integrate study abroad, internships, research and other activities into that plan. 

Registrar Rodney Parks explained how Elon has begun using a new adaptive planning-and-advising software created by Stellic that draws from databases of requirements, course schedules and student data to help schedule courses and adapt their plans. Stellic supplements the guidance students receive from their advisers. 

“When they put a course on there, it alerts them it has a prerequisite, it has a corequisite, or it’s only offered once every two years,” Parks told The Chronicle.  

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