Elon to host Community Engagement Administrators Conference on June 12

Participants will explore frameworks and strategies for assessing civic and community engagement.

Who from our campus is engaged in the community? What exactly are they doing? What difference does their engagement make? 

North Carolina Campus Compact‘s annual gathering of community and civic engagement professionals will explore how campuses can seek answers to these questions by assessing the scope, scale, and impact of community service, service-learning, and related forms of engagement.

The full-day training is led by Anne Weiss, director of assessment for Indiana Campus Compact and a visiting scholar with Tufts University’s Institute for Democracy and Higher Education. Anne is a doctoral candidate in higher education administration at Indiana University and the editor of a forthcoming book, “Assessing the (Often) Hidden Outcomes of Community Engagement.”

Weiss will share tools, strategies, and information to help participants design, initiate or enhance systematic mechanisms for monitoring and auditing community-engaged activities across their institutions. 

Registration is open through May 31. Cost is $100/pp for individuals from campuses that are members of Campus Compact and $130/pp for those from non-member campuses. 

Follow this event on Twitter at @NCCampusCompact and #NCCEAC.