Seattle alumni helped provide 1,800 meals through Food Lifeline

The Seattle alumni chapter made a significant impact at Food Lifeline, one of the chapter's various service projects held throughout the year

The Seattle alumni served their local community June 16 by packaging meals at Food Lifeline. A team of four Elon graduates helped prepare 1,800 meals that will be sent to community members in need. While this is one of many service opportunities held by the chapter each year, the group continues to be a leader of service among Elon’s 38 regional chapters.

At the event, the volunteers were in charge of repackaging frozen carrots that were leftover from a food processing plant that would’ve otherwise been sent to a landfill. The carrots came in a 6×6 feet box. Volunteers shoveled the carrots into containers, and then those containers were placed on tables where volunteers scooped the carrots into bags. The bags were collected for homeless shelters, food banks and soup kitchens across Washington. Those carrots will be added with other food to help solve hunger in the western part of the state.

Food Lifeline is located in Seattle, Washington, and they are known for rescuing food, solving hunger and feeding hungry people. According to the organization’s website, it provides 97,000 meals per day in the western Washington region. Food Lifeline relies on volunteers for support in accomplishing its mission.

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