'Art History and Public Medievalism' – Tuesday, Oct. 2

Tuesday, Oct. 2
Maggie M. Williams, “Art History and Public Medievalism”
Yeager Recital Hall, 6:30 p.m.
Art History Lecture Series

The history of art, particularly medieval art, might seem irrelevant to our daily lives. But images, screens, and visual culture play an enormous role in 21st-century culture, and we often encounter medieval references in extremely politicized contexts. What are an art historian’s responsibilities in this arena, and how can they contribute to public scholarship beyond the university?

In this presentation, Maggie M. Williams, a founding member of the Material Collective (thematerialcollective.org), will discuss how and why she has worked to combine activism and public outreach with academic scholarship. Her talk will address the relevance of art history and the study of the past to life and politics in the contemporary world.