Morrison and Carpenter publish articles

Scott Morrison, assistant professor of education, and Jeffrey Carpenter, associate professor of education and director of the Teaching Fellows program, recently authored several research and practitioner-focused articles.

​Scott Morrison, assistant professor of education, authored an article in the journal Environmental Education Research titled “Everyday environmental education: Five practices of ecologically minded teachers.”

The abstract of the article is as follows:

In this article, I report the findings from a qualitative study involving seven ecologically minded teachers who participated in a Critical Friends Group. Ecologically minded teachers are not necessarily trained or required to teach about environmental issues, yet they do so because of their values and beliefs. The participants shared the following five practices: exposing externalities, emphasizing active learning, providing multiple perspectives, asking critical questions, and collaborating with others. I describe these practices and make recommendations for future research.

Jeffrey Carpenter, associate professor of education and director of the Teaching Fellows, and Morrison co-authored an article in the journal Phi Delta Kappan titled “Enhancing Teacher Education … with Twitter?” This article described the use of Twitter in the Elon Teacher Education Program.

Carpenter and Tim Green of California State University Fullerton recently published a peer-reviewed chapter in the book “Self-Efficacy in Instructional Technology Contexts” titled “Self-directed professional learning and educator self-efficacy: The case of Voxer.”

Carpenter and Green also have an article in the November issue of ASCD Express titled “Teacher-led learning: A key part of the professional development diet.”