Bissett, Carignan featured in Veterans Day report on World War I

Professor Jim Bissett and Associate Professor Mike Carignan from the Department of History and Geography offered their insights into World War I during a special report by FOX 8 WGHP that aired on Veterans Day.

A special Veterans Day report titled “Home of the Brave” by FOX affiliate WGHP recently featured insights from Professor Jim Bissett and Associate Mike Carignan in the Department of History and Geography. 

The extended report included a segment specifically on the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I on Nov. 11. Bissett and Carignan offered a look at the origins of the war, how the war was seen at the time by those who fought it, and how its devastation impacted wars that followed it. 

“World War I seems to have been the last time when a lot of Europeans thought that this was going to bring us honor and glory and almost all of the people who survived and came home from the trenches had a different perspective on war,” Carignan said during the segment. 

Bissett and Carignan are featured at the 9-minute mark in Part 1 of the report, which can be found here