Center for Engaged Learning offers resources for undergraduate research mentors

Faculty members can find many resources about mentoring undergraduate students on the Center for Engaged Learning’s website.

The Center for Engaged Learning’s website has many resources for the high-impact practice of mentoring undergraduate research (MUR). Available resources focus not only on working with students on research, but also on institutional practices and faculty development to support high-quality mentored undergraduate research.

CEL’s website has pages dedicated to videos on mentoring undergraduate research. Videos include perspectives from international scholars who attended the MUR research seminar discussing mentoring undergraduate research across disciplines, as well as videos of student perceptions of the high-impact practice.

CEL’s salient practices of mentoring undergraduate research webpages, developed by CEL Senior Scholar Eric Hall with support from CEL’s Graduate Apprentice Sophia Abbot, summarize an extensive literature review on the high-impact practice. These practices can be used to develop a high quality mentoring pedagogy, and additional salient practices videos are coming soon.

You can also find blog posts written by CEL Scholars about mentoring undergraduate research and supplemental resources for Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduate Research (edited by Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler, Paul C. Miller, and Jessie L. Moore, 2018, Council on Undergraduate Research).

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