Seattle alumni experience professional development

The Seattle Chapter provided alumni with a panel of Seattle-based professionals.

On Feb. 6, the Seattle Alumni Chapter had its annual professional development event. It was even scheduled conveniently between two snow storms that brought the area to a halt.

A panel of Seattle-based professionals included Lauren Gums of health tech startup 98point6, Naomi Komuro of Panorama Global, and Elon alum Annie McGhee '08 of Expedia Group.

Seattle Elon Alumni met at a brewery south of downtown and the conversational panel went right up until closing time. The aspects of professional development most discussed were networking strategies, finding a mentor, pivoting from one field to another, the experience hurdle, and everyone's dear friend, LinkedIn.

With panelists ranging from three to 20 years in their field, alumni took away invaluable information on how to navigate the professional landscape. We are thankful for our panelists' willingness to share all that they brought to the table.

Contributed by Colin Campbell ’10, President of Seattle Alumni Chapter