Elon senior competes in GMAT ‘Think like an Entrepreneur’ finals

Senior Charlie Peck’s concept for a solar-powered blanket to charge electric vehicles is one of the nation's 10 semi-finalist submissions shedding light on social causes.

Pairing an entrepreneurial mindset with a desire to prevent a climate change disaster, Elon University senior Charlie Peck created the concept for Solar Cloak, a flexible, convenient, solar-powered blanket that charges electric vehicles (EV) while the vehicles are parked.

Peck’s innovation is one of 10 semi-finalists in the 2019 GMAT “Think like an Entrepreneur” competition. The collegiate contest tasked students to craft an impactful solution in the form of a product, service or program addressing a social cause they feel passionate about.

Based on student survey results, Peck recognized an opportunity between solar power technology and the auto industry.

“With many college students and new graduates looking for a car and also trying to be environmentally conscious, a truly green EV solution needs to be presented,” Peck says. “The mission behind this product is to spark the birth of a truly green global transportation system. By providing the most environmentally friendly EV infrastructure possible, the power of creating this truly bright future is placed in the hands of the consumers and the individuals who care for this planet we call home.”

A panel of business professionals and educators evaluated how effectively entries addressed creativity, originality, and strategic messaging and rationale. They selected 10 semifinalists to advance to the student voting round.

Full- and part-time college students are now invited to vote for their favorite submission here. Peck’s innovation is the sixth one listed. A grand prize will be awarded in the amount of $10,000 as well as four first-place prizes of $500 each.

"Elon has pushed me out of my educational comfort zone,” says the accounting and finance double major from Grosse Pointe, Michigan. “My entrepreneurial tendencies have been honed through the Love School of Business, and I’m excited that I can make a difference in the world."