Voice of America segment on white nationalists features insights from Megan Squire

Squire, professor of computer science, has collected data about American right-wing groups and white nationalists who use the Russian VK social media platform. 

A recent segment by Voice of America focused on the use of the VK social media platform in Russia by white nationalists features insights from Professor of Computer Science Megan Squire. 

Squire has collected data about the use of social media by alt-right and white nationalist groups, and notes how important the platforms are to the groups, but that their access is being restricted amid more scrutiny. "If you need to recruit people and your whole mission is … about changing the narrative, changing the social norms, then you have to be on regular social media where normal people are," Squire said. 

Squire notes that other groups, such a neo-Nazi groups, have found success with VK and aren't as dependent on traditional social media platforms such as Facebook. 

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