San Francisco Alumni Chapter serves at GLIDE

On April 17, the San Francisco alumni chapter assisted those in need through GLIDE 's Daily Free Meals Program

On April 17, Elon alumni in the San Francisco Bay area volunteered with the GLIDE Church to serve breakfast to those in need.

According to Kevin Beach '13, 612 meals were provided throughout the morning. GLIDE is a supportive community and resource provider in the impoverished Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco that strives to diminish the prominence of poverty and marginalization throughout the surrounding area. The Daily Free Meals Program serves three meals a day to the needy for 364 days each year. 

Each year, many of Elon's regional alumni chapters are encouraged to plan service events for the area's alumni to come together and help their local communities. Reflecting on his time at GLIDE, Sam Kahane '13 remarked, "We were really able to make an amazing impact and help improve San Francisco as a whole." 

To learn more about GLIDE, visit their website at