Squire quoted in Buzzfeed News article about white nationalist groups of Facebook

Megan Squire, professor of computing sciences, offered insights for the article that focused on the use of Facebook by white nationalist, white supremacist and other hate groups. 

A Buzzfeed News article focused on what actions Facebook has — and hasn't — taken following their announced ban of a number of white nationalist, white supremacist and other hate groups includes insights from Megan Squire, professor of computer science. 

The article notes that following the announcement, many groups can still be found on the popular social media site. "Facebook likes to make a PR move and say that they're doing something but they don't always follow up on that," Squire told the joint Buzzfeed News-Toronto Star investigation. 

Squire has conducted extensive research into extremism on Facebook, and noted that the ban announced by the platform did not capture most of the groups that she has been monitoring. "They're not so great at following up if the groups rebrand," Squire said. 

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