31Minutes podcast highlights Elon 

Vice President for Enrollment Greg Zaiser joined the podcast to talk about successful, campus-wide brand stewardship and how his institution transformed itself into one of the preeminent schools in the country.

31Minutes, a podcast offered by higher education marketing firm H·A ThirtyOne, recently featured the work at Elon to transform itself into one of the preeminent schools in the country. 

Podcast hosts Karyn Adams and Karen Black talked with Greg Zaiser, vice president for enrollment, who touched on many of the strategies Elon has relied upon to build its brand and to stand out regionally and nationally. 

Among the many insights Zaiser offered was the role that continuity of leadership has had in the ability to set and achieve goals. "The people who are creating our vision are staying with the institution long enough to realize that vision," Zaiser said. 

Listen to the entire podcast here