Elon University launches Today at Elon

The new site will replace the venerable E-net site and will be the go-to source for essential news about the university and the university community.

Elon University is excited to announce the launch of Today at Elon — the university’s new source for news and information. The development of the new, more visual and more engaging news site comes as the university retires the previous site, known as E-net. Never fear – all content from the past 20+ years of Enet is readily available and included in the searchable Today at Elon archive.

Located at www.elon.edu/news, Today at Elon is the go-to source for essential news about the university, our community and you. Get the latest articles, university social media posts, videos, calendar and event information, want ads and more.

Today at Elon provides:

  • News about the university, students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends
  • Urgent bulletins and all-university announcements
  • A calendar of featured university events
  • Highlights of faculty, staff and students featured in the media
  • Top posts from Elon’s social media and video channels
  • Magazine of Elon stories
  • Want Ads submitted by members of the Elon community for the Elon community

One of the hallmarks of E-net and a feature that has set it apart is the ability for all members of the Elon campus community — students, faculty and staff — to submit items for publication. That will continue to be a feature of Today at Elon, with an article submission process that is similar to that for E-net.

Students, faculty and staff can share news and information about their personal achievements as well as announcements about their departments or organizations. All they need to do is look for the Submit News button, fill out a submission form and they can get their information distributed to the entire Elon community.

As in the past with E-net, articles submitted to Today at Elon can be categorized and tagged to display on your department’s website. Look for the tagging drop-down menu when you submit your note.

With the launch of Today at Elon, E-net has shut down, and all article submissions should be made to Today at Elon going forward. A step-by-step guide to submitting articles for publication is available here — www.elon.edu/news/help.

Questions about Today at Elon? Contact Owen Covington, director of the Elon University News Bureau, at ocovington@elon.edu or (336) 278-7413.