Love School of Business now offers Bloomberg Terminals

Elon students can access the platform used by leaders of business and finance.

The Martha and Spencer Love School of Business now offers access to Bloomberg Terminals in the William Garrard Reed Finance Center.

The Bloomberg Terminal offers real-time data on every market, unparalleled news and research, powerful analytics, communications tools and world-class execution capabilities – in one fully integrated solution. Bloomberg Terminals are used by more than 325,000 finance professionals to make better-informed investment decisions. The service features execution platforms for every asset class, research and a global network to communicate securely and reliably.

Elon’s Bloomberg Terminal subscription also provides an opportunity for students to complete Bloomberg Market Concepts, a financial market e-learning course. After going through the course, students earn a certificate of completion that they can list on their resume, signaling to recruiters an advanced knowledge of the markets.

“Bloomberg is a critical resource for educators to take finance concepts from the classroom and connect them to real world applications. Last week after explaining the process of securitization of mortgage backed securities in class, my students were able to utilize the terminals to examine real agency pass-through securities and CMO tranches.”

Kate Upton, assistant professor of finance and director of the Reed Finance Center

Reed Finance Center student assistants are available during the academic year to help students and faculty with the software and tools in the center.