Campus Rec features Elon’s Act-Belong-Commit initiative

The campus recreation-focused media outlet features insights from Larry Mellinger, director of campus recreation and wellness at Elon.

Media outlet Campus Rec has featured Elon’s Act-Belong-Commit initiative in a recent article looking at mental health on college campuses.

The article, titled “The Mental Health Crisis,” includes insights by Larry Mellinger, director of campus recreation and wellness at Elon. Mellinger shared with reporter Heather Hartmann how Elon is working to address “a culture of busy-ness” that can be detrimental to many students.

“We have talked at length about replacing that with a culture of purpose; focusing on depth over breadth,” Mellinger told Hartmann.

Mellinger shared about the Act-Belong-Commit framework that was announced in September and provides a holistic approach to promoting mental health and wellness on campus. He highlighted the Well Connected Challenge

“It has been great to identify and target students who are under-involved in a much different way than reaching out to students who apparently do everything,” Mellinger said.

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Elon introduced the Act-Belong-Commit framework in September with a two-day summit focused on mental health and wellness. Under the ABC framework, “Act” encourages people to find ways to be physically, socially, mentally and spiritually active in as many ways as possible. “Belong” reminds you to connect with friends, family and your community. “Commit” urges people to become devoted to a cause, whether that means volunteering or learning a new skill.

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