eCampus News features article by Registrar Rod Parks and Assistant Registrar Casey Hayes

The article highlighted Elon's effort to create learner profiles to assist faculty members with their pedagogy.

eCampus News has published an article by Registrar Rodney Parks and Assistant Registrar Casey Hayes about the university’s efforts to assist faculty members by creating learner profiles.

As detailed in the article titled “Here’s why your college should create learner profiles,” the Registrar’s Office at Elon has begun creating reports for instructors teaching capstone courses in the core curriculum that provide them insight into the classes that students have previously completed.

“The new report illustrated the distribution of completed courses by students enrolled in each capstone, enabling the instructor to further tailor their multidisciplinary approach by knowing the disciplines in which their students excel or may require additional focus,” Parks and Hayes write in the article.

They cite feedback from a professor who said he invited an economics professor to join him in a class discussion after learning that nearly every student in the class had taken economics. The idea was that the profiles help tailor content to build upon courses students have already completed.

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