Residential neighborhoods team up to host winter term trivia

Groups of students competed in a Winter Term-themed trivia game for prizes.

Teams of students gathered Jan. 8 at The Oak House to participate in a game of trivia centered on this year’s Winter Term themes of health, intercultural engagement, media and politics. This event was co-hosted by the Oaks, Danieley Center, Colonnades and Station and Mill Point neighborhoods.

All participants were offered a free coffee-side drink before showcasing their knowledge across a variety of topics. Two teams of students finished first place and won $200 in Visa gift cards. One team comprised Abbi Decker, Jessica Flacksenburg and Seth McKee. The other co-winners were Megan Noor, Kaitlynn Dixon and Mackenzie Martinez.

Finishing second were Annie Lemasters, Jayne Bennett, Emma Siritzky and Jacob Hayward, who won $100 in Visa gift cards. Third-place finishers Emily May, Shannon Rogers and Megan Casner took home Oak House-branded mugs.

“This is the fourth consecutive year we’ve offered a Winter Term-themed trivia event,” said Colin Donohue, the faculty director of the Oaks and the School of Communications director of student engagement and alumni relations. “We think it’s a fun way to reinforce the central thrust of Elon’s Winter Term. The questions help us understand how those themes are central to our lives.”