Belk Library librarians present at First-Year Experience conference

Rudd, LePors, and Tennant discussed librarians as partners in first-year student success

Rudd, Tennant, and LePors at FYE conference 2020
Patrick Rudd, Shannon Tennant, and Teresa LePors presented at the first-year experience conference.

Patrick Rudd, coordinator of library instruction and outreach services, Teresa LePors, coordinator of library research and scholarly services, and Shannon Tennant, coordinator of library collections, presented “Librarians as Critical Partners in First-Year Student Academic Success” at the 39th Annual Conference on The First-Year Experience on Feb. 23, 2020.

The presentation shared Belk Library’s experiences as a critical partner in first-year student success through its engagement with residence life, academic advising, and the university’s first-year foundation courses. This collaboration includes faculty librarians teaching and serving as academic advisors in Elon 101, the university’s one-hour credit FYE seminar; teaching information literacy in the first-year foundation courses COR 110 and ENG 110; serving as personal librarians to all first-year students; and serving on the Common Reading committee.

The presentation offered lessons learned about communication, opportunities, and strategies to help faculty, staff, and librarians build successful partnerships.