Faculty/Staff Health & Wellness Clinic continues to offer mental health and wellness resources for employees

Read this story to learn more about how to manage anxiety and improve wellness during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Elon University’s Faculty/Staff Health and Wellness Clinic continues to be right here with university employees during these unprecedented times and is still meeting your acute care needs on campus.

The mission of the clinic is to continue to promote, maintain and improve the health and well-being of the university community by providing holistic health care services and programs to support the mind, body and spirit.

The staff wants to provide employees with alternative resources they may find useful and to provide support to those impacted by this public health crisis. The clinic is also working with exercise instructors to offer Zoom exercise classes, with more details to come as those plans are finalized.

Five ways to soothe your anxious mind

  1. Slow down. When we’re anxious, everything speeds up. Thoughts race, the heart pounds, breathing gets faster. When you first notice this happening, try to move a little more slowly. This may help you be more calm.
  2. Connect with your senses. Bring your attention to three things that you are seeing, tasting, or hearing. Focusing on input from your physical self can interrupt the automatic negative thinking that fuels anxiety.
  3. Do a reality check. Anxiety often comes from fear about events that haven’t happened. When you have a thought that makes you anxious, ask yourself, “Is this thought absolutely true?” Chances are, the thought is a fear, not a fact.
  4. Put anxious energy to work. If you’re nervously waiting to hear some news, for instance, get active. You can go for a brisk walk, clean the house, or even rake some leaves.
  5. Watch for your triggers. Does being late make you anxious? What about speaking in front of a crowd? When you are aware of situations make you feel anxious, you can prepare for them. When your mind feels prepared, you are likely to be more at ease.

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