Caring in a time of quarantine

The Elon community pulls together to support the Chaplain’s Fund, providing emergency relief to those in times of need.

Overcoming hardship is not a new concept for Elon. Hope is the common thread woven throughout the university’s history and within its symbols: In order to rise anew, the Phoenix must burn; one acorn, born of an oak, can spawn an entire forest; and in the darkest times, the light of Numen Lumen shines brightest.

Even in our current dark time, the Elon community is coming together; those with little are finding ways to share what they have.

We are grateful to the Elon community for supporting the Chaplain’s Fund. Made up of dollars donated by faculty, staff and selfless strangers to provide emergency funding to community members in unexpected need, the fund is a source of hope to students who may find themselves facing hardship due to COVID-19 pandemic. Some lack the means to return home on short notice, some lost their jobs and are wondering where their next meal will come from,  and some may be wondering if they even have a future at Elon due to the economic downturn impacting their family finances.

“I am surprised both by the size and depth of needs our students present, and also—paradoxically—by the fact that small amounts can be so helpful,” said Jan Fuller, who has served as the University Chaplain at Elon since 2011. “It is a humbling moment to help a member of our community, to see the weight lifted from their shoulders, and to offer them care in difficult moments. We are grateful for each one who donates in support of the needs of students.”

Supporting the Chaplain’s Fund and student scholarships provides a life raft to these students.

With so many in need at this time—in need of shelter, in need of food, in need of personal protective gear and face masks, in need of comfort, in need of grace—let us not be overcome by the need, but help where we can. If we all do our part, however small we may think it is, we can lessen the burden and maintain the pulse of a steadfast community that continues to come together in times of great need.

Let us continue to share what we can—be that love, hope, a simple smile or our resources. As recent donor Meggie Vorpe ’18 put it, “May what I can give be enough, and may light spread in this time of darkness.”