Gala featured in CreditDonkey article about purchasing mattresses online versus in-store

Marketing professor Prachi Gala talks to the consumer website about the factors consumers should consider before deciding to buy a mattress online or in a brick-and-mortar store.

Headshot of Prachi Gala
Prachi Gala, assistant professor of marketing

Prachi Gala, assistant professor of marketing in the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business, recently shared insights for purchasing mattresses online versus in a brick-and-mortar store with consumer website CreditDonkey.

In the April 30 article, “How to choose a mattress,” Gala discusses the pros and cons of shopping for a mattress online.

“While buying mattresses online certainly saves you a lot of hassle of going to a store and majorly, shipping issues, the online buying process does come with its own cons,” Gala told CreditDonkey. Some of the cons Gala shared include forgoing the negotiations process with a salesperson, not being able to touch and feel the product before buying, and potentially missing out on “freebies,” usually from mom-and-pop stores.

For more of Gala’s insights, read the entire article here.