Basirico offers insight for article on social distancing and its impact on society

Professor of Sociology Larry Basirico was featured in a Diario Libre USA article that asks "is the pandemic dividing us more as a society?"

A recent Diario Libre USA article about the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of social distancing measures on society includes insight from Professor of Sociology Larry Basirico.

Professor of Sociology Larry Basirico

In the article, “Is the pandemic dividing us more as a society?” Basirico discusses the fact that, while social distancing has forced physical separation, it has also helped people find new ways to connect. He also explains the important distinction between the term “social distancing” and the practice of remaining physically distant to prevent the spread of the virus.

“For some, yes, it is social distancing because they have cut off many contacts,” Basirico told Diario Libre USA. “But the idea behind six feet and wearing masks, and so on, does not necessarily limit social distancing. In fact, in many ways, it promotes social closeness.”

Basirico goes on to explain that society has reached new levels of collectiveness in the wake of this global pandemic. He also discusses the importance of leadership and technology during the crisis.

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