Gala featured in WalletHub article about credit card rewards

Assistant Professor of Marketing Prachi Gala answered questions about credit card rewards offers for the personal finance website.

Headshot of Prachi Gala
Assistant Professor of Marketing Prachi Gala

Prachi Gala, assistant professor of marketing in the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business, offered insights about credit card rewards programs in an “Ask the Expert” series for personal finance outlet WalletHub.

Gala shared her thoughts on why credit card rewards for dining and entertainment are becoming increasingly popular, how consumers may interpret vague rewards categories such as “dining” and “entertainment,” and choosing between credit card offers.

“While initially, credit cards were more in demand for their travel rewards, since this is no more the case due to travel restrictions, there are other ways people are finding to spend and be entertained,” Gala wrote. “The only option these days where the consumers can hang out with less tense situation is dining, specifically in those states where dining is open and has considered the social distance ordinance in place.”

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