New faces, new spaces at the Center for Leadership

The Center for Leadership returns to Moseley and welcomes a new graduate apprentice

The Center for Leadership has created new spaces for students to grow and explore their leadership journeys. The growth of the Center for Leadership’s programs has encouraged the center to move back to its original home inside the Moseley Center.

Center for Leadership Office, Moseley 224
Center for Leadership Office, Moseley 224

During the summer, the Center for Leadership office moved to Moseley 224. Now located at the center of student life and campus, the Center for Leadership team is excited to engage with students in a new and exciting setting.

“I’m excited about our new location and space! Being in the Moseley Center puts the Center for Leadership in the ‘heartbeat’ of campus,” said Melanie Bullock Harris, Director of the Center for Leadership. “To be next-door neighbors with many of our campus partners to include CREDE, the GLC, Kernodle Center for Civic Life, and Student Involvement creates more opportunities for collaboration and engagement. Bonus, I’m in the same building as one of my favorite coffee shops: Irazu.”

The previous Center for Leadership building has been renamed to the Janice Ratliff Building, and is now the central office for Elon University’s Residence Life, Office of Student Care and Outreach and the Office of Student Conduct.

Nelson Ysabel, Photo taken by Leslie Kee
Nelson Ysabel, Photo taken by Leslie Kee

The Center for Leadership also welcomes a new graduate apprentice, Nelson Ysabel. Ysabel is a first-year graduate student in Elon’s Master of Arts in Higher Education program. A 2016 graduate of the University of South Florida, Ysabel understands leadership to be an “anytime, anywhere practice.”

Before coming to Elon, Ysabel lived and worked in Japan as an English teacher and was the President of Stonewall Japan, a volunteer LGBTQIA+ organization. His favorite ice cream is “strawberry, preferably with the fruit inside.”

Ysabel writes, “My work with CFL students and staff is providing me a variety of responsibilities to grow as a leader and educator. It’s exciting to be creative as I learn more about why and how I lead, who I am in a team, and how to motivate others in their leadership journeys!”

For more information about the Center for Leadership and programs offered, visit the Center for Leadership website and come explore the new space in Moseley 224. Follow the Center for Leadership on Instagram for updates on programming and opportunities.