College Coffee events connect Elon alumni in 38 cities during Homecoming & Reunion Week

Elon’s regional alumni chapters hosted virtual college coffee gatherings to bring together alumni around the world to celebrate Virtual Homecoming and Reunion Week

Elon alumni from Seattle to London brewed a cup of coffee and took to their computers on Tuesday, Oct. 13, to tune into a virtual call with members of their regional alumni chapter. Laughs and smiles were shared through the screen as alumni compared residence halls, shared study abroad experiences and excitingly remembered common classes and professors.

Shenandoah Valley Alumni Chapter

In a time when an in-person trip back to campus for Homecoming was not possible, the alumni body showed up with a remarkable passion for their alma mater alongside their local Elon community. During New York City’s college coffee event, President Book made a special appearance and joined the conversation with the participating alumni.

On behalf of the Office of Alumni Engagement and Elon’s regional alumni chapters, we would like to thank everyone who joined a virtual college coffee, as well as other events, during Homecoming and Reunion week. We hope to see you at future regional chapter events!