Kristen Mazur and Laura Taylor publish in PRIMUS

Mathematics and statistics faculty members publish an article in PRIMUS that examines how calculus 1 students perceive engaged learning.

Kristen Mazur and Laura Taylor have published a peer-reviewed article titled “Student Perceptions of Engagement in Calculus 1” in the journal Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies (PRIMUS).

In the article, Mazur and Taylor ask students in calculus 1 to reflect on what engaged learning means to them in hopes of determining if students equate engaged learning with active learning. They found that their students’ perceptions of engaged learning varied greatly, and many students did not see active learning as engaging.

Kristen Mazur is an assistant professor of mathematics and statistics. Laura Taylor is an associate professor of statistics. PRIMUS is a leading journal for exchanging ideas about teaching collegiate mathematics.