Five action steps to a Ready & Resilient Winter Term and Spring Semester

With classes set to begin Wednesday, Elon leaders provide key steps to take for a healthy start to the second half of the academic year

Based on lessons learned during Fall Semester, Elon leaders have defined five steps the campus community can take to stay Ready & Resilient during Winter Term and Spring Semester.

Five Action Steps for a healthy Winter Term and Spring Semester

  1. Go to classes that are held in-person unless you are in quarantine, symptomatic or ill
  2. Strengthen your commitment to wearing a mask, avoid high-risk social gatherings and limit your “maskless” bubble to only 2-3 people
  3. Keep ALL testing appointments and have an action plan ready if you get a positive result
  4. If you are quarantined, go quickly, cooperate with contact tracers and keep a positive attitude
  5. Participate in approved, masked campus events, help your student organization find ways to operate and thrive safely and invite others to join you and your group