Raj Ghoshal interviewed on The Measure of Everyday Life podcast

His research on race, names, and discrimination among American millennials was featured on the WNCU-RTI International show.

Assistant Professor of Sociology Raj Ghoshal discussed his research on the impact of race on roommate searches among US millennials on the radio show and podcast The Measure of Everyday Life.

Raj Ghoshal, assistant professor of sociology

The episode focused on Ghoshal’s research (with collaborator Michael Gaddis) which compared how young white, Black, Hispanic, Arab, Chinese, and Indian-origin room-seekers fared in the search for shared housing in three American cities. That study and an earlier companion study found significant effects of both race and perceived assimilation on roommate-search outcomes, with members of most non-white groups getting fewer responses than white room-seekers.

Ghoshal also discussed ongoing research on mechanisms of social discrimination and ideas for creating positive change. The 30-minute discussion with host Brian Southwell is available at the program’s website and accessible via ITunes, Libsyn, and other players.