Elon’s Jewish Life staff adapts to meet diverse student needs

Polk, Zaken, and Avraham-Katz will focus on sustaining a vibrant and inclusive Jewish community on campus

Jewish Life at Elon University is delighted to announce staffing changes that will enhance and enrich the Jewish student experience on campus.

Boaz Avraham-Katz, Adjunct Instructor of Hebrew Language, will join the Jewish Life team as the Jewish Educator, a permanent staff position responsible for enriching student experiences through Jewish learning.  Avraham-Katz brings decades of experience as a Jewish educator to the team. In this new role, he will focus on creating new and engaging experiences with a diverse range of Jewish traditions, implementing experiential Jewish education, engaging in leadership development, inspiring students to connect to their Judaism in creative ways.

Betsy Polk, Director of Jewish Life, will take on the role of Acting Associate Chaplain for Jewish Life. Polk will bring her experience as a mediator and coach to a role that seamlessly builds on her current work leading the professional Jewish Life team, mentoring students and creating a welcoming community that provides meaningful, inspiring, mission focused programs, services and resources for students and their families. She also represents and advocates for Jewish life on campus and in the local and regional communities.

Hillary Zaken, Assistant Director of Jewish Life, will take on greater leadership responsibilities in her role as the head of Jewish Life communications, storytelling and fundraising. Zaken mentors student leaders, writes and shares stories about Jewish Life, plans and creates all written and graphic communications, and develops and implements Elon Hillel’s strategic fundraising campaigns.

The Jewish Life team will work together to make the Elon community better and more inclusive, and to fulfill their mission of building and sustaining a welcoming and lively community that provides an empowering, innovative, and joyful Jewish experience for all students; inspires discovery and ownership of personal identity; prepares students for life beyond college as leaders and community members; and embraces the dynamic diversity of Jewish traditions.