Maker Takeover 2021: A weeklong celebration of student projects and hands-on workshops

The Maker Hub's annual event pivots to several small group workshops and online activities throughout the week.

The Maker Takeover, the Maker Hub’s largest annual event, will look different this year. Rather than a single large event, Maker Takeover 2021 will feature many small events that will run an entire week. One thing that won’t change is the purpose – highlight student-created projects and providing opportunities for the campus community to make their own.

Maker Takeover week will take place from April 28 – May 5, kicking off with a community art project on Iconic Plaza from 12-2 PM. Passers-by can leave their mark on the project and see examples of what else they can create at a workshop later in the week. There will be many other events and giveaways throughout the week, including opportunities to make hammocks, custom t-shirts, pet accessories, and more. Check out the full schedule of events at the Maker Takeover website.

Maker Hub Team Lead and Economics major Morgan Kearns explains the new approach saying, “even with COVID precautions, it’s been so important that we’ve still been able to interact with users in any way possible. So, specifically for Maker Takeover, that has meant finding ways to connect online or in small groups.”

Maker Hub Team Lead and Music Performance major Alexa Lugo adds, “It is so important to stay connected as makers in this time where creativity can get lost. Hosting small in-person events is a great way to stay involved and stay safe during this stressful semester.”

Picture of a laser-cut phone stand
A laser-cut phone stand made from Elon oak lumber is a giveaway at the Maker Takeover.

Several free giveaways will be available at these events, including an Elon oak phone stand that was laser cut from oak wood from a tree that once stood on Elon’s campus. Elon “E” stickers cut out of vinyl and an Elon Honor coin plaque that is customizable to include your name and year. These gifts were crafted in the Maker Hub, further serving as an example of all that the Maker Hub has to offer.

Maker Takeover participants can earn 350 of Maker Cred by uploading pictures of anything made throughout the week. Maker Cred, a type of currency in the Maker Hub, can be exchanged for unique materials like leather, aluminum, and more. Maker Cred points can also be used to enter a free raffle to win a DIY Mood Light or a Raspberry Pi kit.

Along with the engaging workshops, free giveaways, and a raffle, Maker Takeover week will be used to highlight the experiences of our Kickbox students. Elon Kickbox gives passionate students funds to explore, design, and prototype a project. Kearns echoes, “it is important that we’re able to highlight all of the incredible work that the Kickboxers have been doing this past semester. Seeing these projects will get more people in the Maker Hub to see what an amazing resource it is!” Kickbox Stories, a website created by each student featuring videos and photos of their project, will launch on April 28 at the Maker Takeover website. 

Graphic for Kickbox Stories

Kearns and Lugo describe their goals for this event. Kearns says, “the different virtual options we are offering will ensure that the Maker Takeover is available for everyone.” Additionally, she explains her hope that this event raises awareness of the Maker Hub and draws students in to create. Lugo explains,” Our main goal this week is to provide an outlet for students to be creative and take a break from their busy schedules. We also want to encourage a more collaborative maker space, bringing together our users with our excellent student staff.”

To learn more about the schedule of events, see the giveaways, and see Kickbox Stories, visit the Maker Takeover website.