Todd Coleman composes music for cinematic escape game experience ‘E.V.I.L. Robots’

Coleman, an associate professor of music production & recording arts, has released the album titled “E.V.I.L. Robots” that features some of the music he composed for a new escape game of the same name created in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Lab

The Nemesis Club, located in Phoenix, Arizona, opened the first of a series of escape game experiences a few months ago featuring an orchestral music soundtrack composed by Elon University music faculty member Todd Coleman.

The experience takes about 60-70 minutes to complete and features Coleman’s music throughout the entire production in an experience that puts the players inside an almost cinematic world. Coleman released the soundtrack on all major music platforms earlier this year – although you really need to travel to Phoenix to get the full experience.

The E.V.I.L. Robots Lab
Panoramic view of The E.V.I.L. Robots Lab

The orchestral score adapts to the players’ progress through the escape experience, similar to a video game, building tension as the countdown clock runs down as players complete a series of challenges and puzzles in an attempt to stop the robot before it powers up and destroys the lab and everyone in it.

Coleman’s “Office” while testing the 8-channel audio system.

This is the first of the Nemesis Club’s escape experiences to open at this location. Coleman has also completed sound design work for their second room, “The Mogollon Monster” (Arizona’s Bigfoot), due to open to the public later this summer. This experience is set outdoors in the forest on the Mogollon Rim in northern Arizona in the middle of the night, as campers try to lure in Bigfoot to get photographic evidence of his existence.

You can listen to the “E.V.I.L. Robots” Soundtrack on your favorite music streaming service.