Samantha Katz ’24 shares her journey of living with alopecia to WXII

Katz, a sophomore, spoke about her 'taking control' of her hair and hoping to inspire those who suffer with the autoimmune disorder.

Elon University sophomore Samantha Katz was diagnosed with alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that causes hair, and spoke about her journey with local NBC affiliate WXII.

In a video segment for WXII’s “12 Inspires” series, multimedia reporter Colette Stein spoke with Katz about her journey living with alopecia and how she looks to empower others who have the disease.

“Quarantine hit, I was in my room all the time. I was constantly surrounded by mirrors. In my room, at my desk, in my bathroom. And in July it got so bad that I just decided to shave it, I did a buzz cut. I felt so empowered by taking that step and taking control of my hair,” Katz said.

Since then she has been sharing her experience on social media, not only for those affected by the disease but for the parents of children with alopecia as well, to show that their children can “thrive” just as she has.

Watch the full segment here.