Donate for cancer research, dodge the cold calls!

Eight Elon Law professors have teamed with the Women’s Law Association for a fundraiser during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month to benefit both the popular student group and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Want a break from the risk of being randomly called on in class by your law professor? The Women’s Law Association has a solution.

In observance of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the popular Elon Law student organization has teamed with eight Elon Law professors for a fundraiser that jointly benefits both the student group and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Students who make a $5 gift to the Women’s Law Association before 12 p.m. October 25 will be exempt from “cold calling” on October 26 and 27 for the following faculty:

  • Professor Catherine Dunham
  • Professor Steve Friedland
  • Professor Scott Gaylord
  • Professor Andy Haile
  • Professor Tammi Etheridge
  • Professor Barbara Morgenstern
  • Professor Ashley Bennington
  • Professor Adam Tarleton

The WLA has pledged to send 60% of its proceeds to the prominent breast cancer research and advocacy organization. The remainder will help the Women’s Law Association host several events in 2021-2022, including an upcoming pro bono project, a winter professionalism dinner, and a springtime 5K run/walk.

The fundraiser was the idea of Women’s Law Association Secretary Briana Cool L’22, for whom breast cancer is personal. Cool’s mother was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of the cancer eight years ago after the discovery of a small lump during a self-exam.

Cool said her family was fortunate. Chemotherapy and radiation sent the cancer into remission.

“Breast cancer is not a death sentence,” said Cool, who is planning to focus her legal career on medical malpractice claims. “It can be curable if you catch it early and I want to bring awareness to the disease since it’s not something many women talk about.”

Women’s Law Association President Nicole Kirschler L’22 praised Cool’s creativity and said the fundraiser is a great way to show support for breast cancer research while helping the student group plan for the months ahead.

After a year of little activity because of pandemic restrictions, Kirschler explained, the WLA is ready to reconstitute annual traditions. “My goal is to make this group what I had envisioned it would be when I first joined as a 1L,” she said, “and it’s important that programs like this create a sense of community.”

Inspired to support the Women’s Law Association and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation? Contact Briana Cool at to coordinate a gift.

Anyone is welcomed to participate – and both Cool and Kirschler are reminding classmates to wear pink regardless on October 26 and 27.