Elon University registrar team publishes book chapter

This chapter is included in AACRAO's latest publication, "SEM as a Connector: Principles of Practice."

A team consisting of Elon University Registrar Rodney Parks, Associate Registrar Casey Hayes and Senior Assistant Registrar Alexander Taylor recently contributed to “SEM as a Connector: Principles of Practice,” the latest publication from the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO).

The book consists of chapters from Enrollment Management professionals who play a role in making connections and building relationships on college campuses. Student engagement and a sense of belonging is a vital component to student success. All higher education professionals, including registrars and enrollment managers, play a role in helping student form connections with their fellow students and colleagues. The book covers various challenges that enrollment managers have overcome as they reflect on how to make their campuses more engaging for students.

The Elon authors’ chapter is titled “The Comprehensive Learner Profile: Student-Centered Technology to Ignite the Student-Faculty Relationship.” The chapter considers the registrar’s role in developing systems to foster student engagement and relationship building. Registrars have the capacity to develop innovations that provide aggregated student data to faculty in order to deepen the student-faculty relationship. These systems could share common student data with faculty, from most common majors to experiential learning participation.