Alumni: Help shape the next chapter of the Elon Alumni story

Elon recently launched a survey with that will allow alumni to have a hand in future alumni experiences.

On Oct. 21, Elon launched an alumni survey to gather input as part of a yearlong alumni planning process advancing key initiatives related to Boldly Elon, Elon’s Strategic Plan for 2030. The short survey was sent to all undergraduate alumni and allows former Elon students to play a part in the shaping of future alumni experiences.

“Their lifelong Elon experience is unique to them,” said Associate Vice President for University Advancement, John Barnhill ’92. “Alumni will help build our roadmap for the next 10 years.”

The previous strategic plan, The Elon Commitment, brought significant growth in alumni programs and a dedication of resources to forming relationships with individual alumni, donors and volunteers. Building on this commitment to alumni, Boldly Elon aims to foster lifelong partnerships through professional development, networks, and learning opportunities and lasting connections.

The survey was closed to responses on Dec. 3. The Office of University Advancement thanks all alumni for their time and support in helping Elon grow.