Elon World Percussion Emsemble seeking new members for upcoming semester

All students are invited to sign up for MUS1081A to participate in this unique ensemble that provides a rich multicultural experience.

The Elon World Percussion Ensemble in the Department of Music is seeking new members for the spring semester 2022. This groups covers African, Cuban, Brazilian and other music of the African Diaspora in an accessable way for all students.

The ensemble (MUS 1081A) meets on Thursday, 5:30 to 7:10 p.m. (one expression credit). Learning about rhythm cultures is an expansive, broad experience for those unfamiliar with African cultures and the African Diaspora. Your mind will be opened and your hands will be quicker! Ex-high school drummers and band members are welcome but you do not need any past musical experience to be part of this ensemble. Fraternities or sororities are welcome to sign up as a group with up to 10 players. Please email any questions to director Jim Roberts at jroberts10@elon.edu.

On Thursday, Nov. 18 at the Fat Frogg from 7 to 8 p.m., the Elon World Percussion Ensemble will be presenting a special and intimate look at rhythms from West Africa and Brazil. You can provide the dance! Enjoy your favorite beverage and come out and support this rare exhibition of live music and culturally significant drumming at Elon.

Private drum set lessons are another rhythm offering from the Department of Music. Sign up for MUS115A for a weekly half hour drum set or hand drum (conga/djembe) lesson. Lesson times are scheduled the first week of classes based on the students class schedule.

WPE at the Fat Frogg

Elon World Percussion Preview