Elon University to launch upgraded E-Alert system in early 2022

The new system supported by the technologies of Rave Mobile Safety will include improved communications capabilities and the new Rave Guardian personal safety app.

The safety of members of the Elon University community, as well as those who visit campus, is of the upmost importance. To help expand the ability to quickly and efficiently communicate public safety information, Elon University will be upgrading its E-Alert system with new capabilities in early 2022.

The new E-Alert platform will be used to disseminate timely information via text message, email and voice call to help keep all students, faculty and staff informed during university disruptions or emergencies. It will also incorporate a personal safety mobile app and support two-way communications between users and safety resources.

The new E-Alert system will be supported by the technologies of Rave Mobile Safety, a leading provider of safety systems that are used by schools, colleges and universities and cities across the country. E-Alert will utilize the Rave Guardian personal safety app.

“With these upgrades, we’re building on the foundation of our E-Alert system and introducing new ways to communicate with members of our campus community,” said Campus Safety and Police Chief Joe LeMire. “E-Alert and the Rave Guardian app will offer an integrated system that’s easy to use and that can quickly and efficiently provide our campus with vital information.”

The enhanced E-Alert system will combine the functions of the current emergency alert system with a mobile app that will take the place of our current LiveSafe App. The new mobile app will provide the following services to users:

  • Direct dial Elon Campus Safety and Police with the potential to also provide your GPS location
  • Two-way communication enabling users to message safety officials via text and email
  • Receive targeted mobile notifications and wellness checks
  • Submit anonymous tips
  • Provide one-touch phone numbers of local first responders and also services on campus
  • Provide necessary resource information to the campus community (i.e. Counseling, Sexual Assault and Harassment resources)

The E-Alert system will retain its current functions of sending safety and emergency bulletins and inclement weather and closing notifications to the community via text, email and voice messaging.

All current subscribers to the E-Alert system will be automatically added to the new E-Alert system and new users will also be able to sign up and manage their settings. More information will be forthcoming in early 2022, along with directions on how to download the Rave Guardian mobile app. There will also be group training sessions offered on the use of the new systems.

This is an exciting new technology opportunity to consolidate these public safety functions under a single vendor and tap into advances in technology to keep members of our community safe.  We look forward to sharing more information soon.

Questions? Please contact Chief LeMire at (336) 278-5555. Not signed up for the current E-Alert system? You can register here.