David Vandermast shares expertise about plant ecology in WXII report about Pilot Mountain wildfires

Vandermast, associate professor of biology, was interviewed for the report by the NBC affiliate on the fire that claimed more than 1,000 acres around the regional landmark.

A news report by NBC affiliate WXII on the Grindstone Fire that claimed more than 1,000 acres around regional landmark Pilot Mountain includes insights from Associate Professor of Biology David Vandermast.

David Vandermast, associate professor of biology

Vandermast, who specializes in plant ecology, explained that fires through history have helped shape the terrain around the mountain and in this section of the country. Come spring, the area scarred by fire around Pilot Mountain will look much different than it did earlier this year, with additional sunlight reaching the forest floor and boosting the growth of wildflowers.

“Understanding the role that fire has to play historically is really important and almost throughout the entirety of North Carolina’s ecosystem fire was important,” Vandermast said.

Watch the entire broadcast here.

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