Brooke Buffington offers insights for Inside Higher Ed article on career outcomes prep

The article examines a new move to recognize and potentially accredit colleges and universities for how successfully they prepare their students for careers after graduation.

An Inside Higher Ed article examining a new move to more formally recognize how well colleges and universities prepare their students for positive career outcomes includes comments from Brooke Buffington, director of the Student Professional Development Center.

Brooke Buffington, director of the Student Professional Development Center

The article focuses on the Workforce Talent Educators Association, a new organization that is seeking to establish a system for assessing which schools do a particularly good job of preparing their students for the workforce. As reporter Suzanne Smalley writes, “The group has visions down the road of providing formal accreditation of institutions or programs, but the focus now is on giving institutions a way to prove they help students succeed in the job market.”

Buffington was asked to comment on the effort given the robust support that Elon and its Student Professional Development center provide to students as they pursue their degrees and map out their career plans. Among the efforts Elon has been recognized for in the past has been its Elon Experiences transcript, which more fully describes the range of experiences and skills students acquire during their time at the university.

“There’s always opportunity to close the gap between education, higher education and employers, and to create more synergies in the work that we’re doing,” Buffington said when asked about whether Elon would pursue certification from the Workforest Talent Educators Association.

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