Elon Blockchain club helps students expand their knowledge on cryptocurrency

The club hosts a variety of interactive labs, lectures, and speaker events for members.

With the popularity of cryptocurrency on the rise, many students may be wondering how they learn more about digital currency. Fortunately, Elon Blockchain offers a collaborative space where students and professionals can meet to discuss and work on blockchain-related projects.

A student-led organization, Elon Blockchain was originally founded in 2018 by Scott Byron ‘20, who wanted to create a club where like-minded students could meet to share their experiences and work on various projects. Blockchain is digital database that supports cryptocurrency systems by maintaining a secure and decentralized record of transactions.

The club offers a Blockchain 101 workshop at the beginning of each academic year, where any student can learn about a myriad of digital mediums of exchanges.

“As the year progresses, we organize talks, discussions, workshops and host various events such as alumni panels,” said Assistant Professor of Finance Thibaut Morillon, one of the club’s advisors. “We are currently developing side projects for interested students to work on if they wish to dive deeper into it.”

The club also provides students with networking opportunities, as members can connect with guest speakers and form professional relationships. Stratton Bacogeorge ‘22 has been a member of the club for 2 years and is the current president.

“The role gives me the opportunity to represent Elon when coordinating an event with a guest speaker or outside resource,” said Bacogeorge. “This experience has boosted my communication, time management and organization skills going forward in my professional career.”

The club provides opportunities for students to engage with professionals and each other and get hands-on experience in a cooperative space.

“Most of our meetings are lecture-based where we will invite a speaker to talk to the members about his/her experience in this industry,” said Henry Van Eijk ‘22, the club’s current vice president. “Meetings can also be more interactive such as the last meeting where we were able to play around with some sample blockchain code.”

Elon Blockchain is an affiliate member of both Blockchain Education Network and MouseBelt University, two of the largest blockchain centric education cohorts for students, professors, and alumni worldwide.

“Right now, there are very few resources to learn about Blockchain technology,” said Bacogeorge. “Our club gives students a chance to learn about the technology from a transparent point of view, the goal is to understand.”

Elon Blockchain meets every Tuesday at 6:30, and students with all experience levels are welcome to attend. Interested students should visit the club’s Phoenix Connect page to learn more.