27th annual Dr. Leo M. Lambert Awards recognize outstanding student organizations, leaders

The event also served as the inauguration of incoming SGA Executive leaders.

New SGA Executive President Nadine Jose speaking during the awards ceremony.

Outstanding student leaders, organizations and faculty and staff advisors were honored during 27th annual Dr. Leo M. Lambert Awards by the Elon Student Government Association. The ceremony also served as the inaugurations for incoming SGA Executive officers.

  • Nadine Jose ’23, SGA Executive President
  • William Wood ’24, SGA Vice President of Communications

Student engagement is key at Elon and the ceremony served as an opportunity for the SGA to honor the commitment and hard work of student organizations and university programs responsible for creating spaces for all students to express themselves.

Recognized Outstanding New Student Organization

This award is designed to recognize the hard work and dedication that it takes to establish a new organization.

  • NewWorks

Reverend Richard McBride Campus/Greater Community Involvement Award

This award is given to the organization that has contributed the most to the general welfare of the campus and the greater community through service. Their contributions should have impacted the students, faculty Elon University and the larger community as a whole.

  • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

Highest GPA Award

The SGA seeks to recognize those groups who maintain the highest academic standards and performance. This award is be based on the cumulative GPAs of organization members as provided by the Office of Student Activities.

  • Elon Pre-Health Society

Student Organization of the Year

This award is designed to recognize the student organization that has excelled throughout the calendar year.

  • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

University Program of the Year (departmental funded or managed group)

This award is designed to recognize the university program that has excelled throughout the calendar year.

  • Eco-Reps

Student Organization Committee of the Year

SGA wants to recognize student organization committees that have excelled and enhanced their organization. These teams should have set and/or continued a vision for their organization and worked their hardest to reach that vision.

  • Asian Pacific Student Association

Barbara H. Carlton Outstanding Advisor of the Year

Named for Barbara H. Carlton, former SGA advisor and Director of Student Activities, the award is designed to recognize an advisor’s hard work, time and effort dedicated to their student organization.

  • Melody Harter, Asian Pacific Student Association

Gerald Francis Award for Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year

The SGA Academic Council gives the Gerald Francis Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year award to one faculty member who exemplifies excellence within teaching and mentoring. Recipient must be a teaching faculty member.

  • Naeemah Clark, professor of cinema and television arts

Brian O’Shea Outstanding Service to Students Award

This award is named for Brian Charles O’Shea, a former staff member who served the student body well beyond the duties listed in his job description. This individual is not a teaching faculty member, but is a university staff member or a staff member that works in the auxiliary services area.

  • Kelly Harer, Eco-Reps

Student Organization Member of the Year, Non-officer

Organizations are vital to student involvement on college campuses, but these organizations would not be possible without the hard work and determination of the students who go the extra mile. SGA will recognize an outstanding individual who gives their time and energy for their organization in a role not defined by their leadership position.

  • Nicole Carlton ’23, Elon Student Television

Student Organization Officer of the Year

SGA recognizes that an organization could not grow and move forward without officers to lead the organization through its failure and success. The SGA seeks to recognize an outstanding individual who gives their time and energy for the organization, and who leads with commitment, character and integrity.

  • Ethan Porter ’22, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

Student Organization Newcomer of the Year

This award is designed to recognize new student leaders in organizations. SGA seeks to recognize outstanding individuals who give their time and energy to organizations and show potential for positive impact.

  • Tess Hawthorne ’25, Club Softball

G. Smith Jackson Award for Outstanding Student Mentorship

Mentors are vital to the guidance and influence of students at Elon. The G. Smith Jackson Award goes to an undergraduate student who exemplifies excellence with mentoring and support.

  • Hector Lopez Sanchez ’22, Elon Student Television

Dr. J. Earl Danieley Leadership Award

Vice President for Student Life Jon Dooley (right) with Ethan Gabriel ’22

This award is named after one of Elon’s greatest leaders and is designed to recognize exemplary student leaders on campus. These leaders aren’t necessarily officers or presidents but those students who have made a commitment to their organizations. These student leaders dedicate time and have helped the organization grow and develop.

  • Ethan Gabriel ’22, Elon Student Television
  • Chadwick Spears ’22, Beta Theta Pi