Triangle Business Journal features insights from Chris Harris in inflation article

The article by reporter Lauren Ohnesorge looked at the impact of inflation on the market capitalization and profits of companies in the Triangle.

A recent article looking at how inflation is impacting the market capitalizations of companies in the Triangle area of North Carolina includes insights from Associate Professor Chris Harris, chair of the Department of Finance in the Love School of Business.

Chris Harris, associate professor and chair of the Department of Finance

All but just a handful of public companies saw their market cap values decline during the first four months of the year as inflation has climbed and the stock market has faltered.

Harris notes that companies are seeing a perfect storm as the creation of currency has created an environment where “inflation can really take off” amid shortages of materials and labor.

“It’s becoming a bit of a cycle in terms of what to expect,” Harris told Ohnesorge. “I assume we’re going to see a lot of companies struggle with it because they’re stuck in this spot where current employees want higher wages, they want to keep up with inflation. …. All the input prices are going up.”

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