Emma Ciccotosto ’23 awarded Extensiv Fall 2022 Supply Chain Scholarship

Ciccotosto's essay on automation of supply chain won her the Fall 2022 Supply Chain Scholarship by Extensiv.

Emma Ciccotosto ’23 was announced as the winner of the Fall 2022 Supply Chain Scholarship by Extensiv, formerly 3PL Central. The scholarship, which started in the fall of 2020, supports education for undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in supply chain management, logistics and operations management programs.

Ciccotosto’s winning essay highlights the benefits of automation across the supply chain, including;  “AI has the ability to achieve end-to-end documentation automation, resulting in more fluidity to the point where manufacturers might be able to optimize their supply chain operations and minimize their carbon emissions.”

Ciccotosto, a double major in international business and supply chain management, hopes to have a career in logistics and the scholarship has helped her toward that goal.

“Receiving this award has been a great honor and having my paper published on the 3PL Central website has brought me networking opportunities with other industry professionals. This is an invaluable experience, and these connections will help jump-start my career after graduation,” Ciccotosto said.

Extensiv has distributed more than $11,000 to scholarship winners and finalists since fall 2020.

“With the ongoing labor shortage in logistics and transportation, there’s never been more opportunity for young professionals who pursue supply chain as a career path,” said Rachel Trindade, chief marketing officer at Extensiv. “From automation to blockchain and autonomous trucks, the students we see paint a vision for the future, promising to innovate the way supply chains operate. We’ve created this scholarship to foster creativity and innovation, while also driving more interest into a vital industry.”