Triangle Business Journal features insights from Tonmoy Islam in article on widening jobs gap

Islam, an associate professor of economics, discussed the impact of wage rates on participation in the labor market.

A recent Triangle Business Journal article examining the widening gap between the number of available jobs in the U.S. job market and the number of unemployed Americans included insights from Associate Professor of Economics Tonmoy Islam.

Photo of associate professor of economics Tonmoy Islam
Tonmoy Islam, associate professor of economics

The article included input from a range of CEOs of Triangle companies as it looked at the strain companies face as they seek out talent in the tight job market. Reporter Lauren Ohenesorge notes that there are 11.3 million available jobs and 5.9 million unemployed Americans.

Islam pointed to the steady labor participation rate, which has leveled off at 62.3 percent, as a factor contributing to the jobs gap. “One of the reasons why people don’t want to work is wages are still low,” Islam told Ohnesorge.

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