Jeff Clark speaks on entropy, supervises mini-courses at MathFest

Clark, professor of mathematics, attended the Mathematical Association of America's MathFest and, as chair of the Committee on Minicourses, supervised the minicourses offered there. He also presented a short paper on entropy.

Professor of Mathematics Jeff Clark attended the Mathematical Association of America’s annual MathFest in Philadelphia on August 3 through Aug. 6.

While there he met briefly with members of the Committee on Minicourses which he chairs and then supervised the offering of minicourses for professional development at the conference. He also met with the Chair of the Council on Communities and accepted the role of chair of the Committee on Student Concerns for a three-year term.

In addition he spoke on Wordle and Entropy, about how the popular word game Wordle can be viewed as an application of Shannon Entropy, a measure of the average amount of information to be expected from asking a question.