HOPE Clinic Seeks to address health care disparities in Alamance County

The Health Outreach Program of Elon has partnered with the CityGate Dream Center to address healthcare disparities in Alamance County.

Concerned about the 11-year difference in life expectancy between eastern and western Alamance County, the Health Outreach Program of Elon (HOPE Clinic) has partnered with the CityGate Dream Center to expand physical therapy (PT) services offered in the county. Through this partnership, PT care available to diverse communities has increased.

In addition to PT services, local physician Dr. Andy Lamb comes to the Dream Center to screen patients for PT and medical needs. In addition to medical services, the HOPE Clinic supports patient needs such as splints, feminine hygiene products, and interpreter services.

“I am so thankful for the support and presence of the HOPE clinic at the Dream Center,” said Emilia Suarez, Health Promoter Coordinator CityGate Dream Center. “Through this connection, we have been able to help people in the community gain access to resources and treatment that they would not have been able to afford.  We are also so thankful for the donation given to the soccer program. With this support, we were able to get uniforms for 40 students and they really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for supporting the Latino community.”

The student-run pro bono clinic is managed and operated by Elon Doctor of Physical Therapy students with support from faculty and clinicians from the community. The clinic offers free PT services to those who are uninsured or under-insured in Alamance County and surrounding areas.

“HOPE Clinic represents a group of people who work daily to make a difference in the community,” said Miranda Thompson, a student leader. “This translates to opportunities for those who may not have had access to opportunities otherwise, for both students and patients. Having this platform that places patient care to underserved communities at the forefront with pillars of student learning, volunteer clinician involvement, and forward-thinking visions for the status/quality of healthcare is incredibly important for our professional future and the patients whose lives are being impacted.”