At Student Organization Fair, an opportunity to grow networks and friendships

Students filled the law library on September 8 for an annual event that, in the words on one Student Bar Association leader, showcases “everything Elon Law has to offer.”

An annual tradition that helps new law students build their professional networks and explore legal interests took place in early September in the Elon Law library.

Administrators and organizers of the Student Organization Fair said the popular midday program provides an opportunity for students to connect with classmates while showcasing the many ways to get involved in Elon Law’s community.

More than two dozen Elon Law groups participated in the 2022 Student Organization Fair. (Photo by Elliott Millner L’23)

More than two dozen student organizations took part in the fair, a number that has nearly doubled over the past few years.

Student Bar Association Secretary Jameilah Wyatt-Buford L’22 and Elijah Pennock G’24, a graduate apprentice from Elon University’s Master of Arts in Higher Education Program, led planning efforts.

“We often tell students that their classmates are the foundation of their professional network, and involvement in student organizations helps to build and solidify those relationships,” said Stacie Dooley, assistant dean of career & student development. “As organizations plan events and reach out to the members of the legal community, students are able to build further connections with practicing attorneys.”

Atlanta Woodall L’23, president of Black Law Students Association, said that the fair is a representation of how close the Elon Law student body is.

Elon Law Student Bar Association President Faisal Sulman L’22 (Photo by Elliott Millner L’23)

“I enjoy seeing a lot of people come out to either support or join these amazing groups that people took the time to organize in order to make sure all people have a sense of belonging while they are navigating their journey through law school,” she said. “This just goes to show our community is stronger together and we are a law school family.”

Student Bar Association President Faisal Sulman L’22 described the Student Organization Fair as “one place where students can see, all at once, everything Elon Law has to offer.”

“These events help illustrate that our organizations strive to create an environment that is affirming, welcoming, equitable, inclusive, and diverse to foster a sense of belonging for their students,” Sulman said. “This is done by connecting students with various organizations and resource groups throughout their law school journey.”