Elon launches a new professional development opportunity centered on belonging for faculty and staff

Elon faculty and staff can access a suite of self-paced professional development modules center on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging.

The Office of Human Resources and the Office of Inclusive Excellence Education and Development (OIEED) have launched a new suite of professional development opportunities for all Elon University faculty and staff. The Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) Suite explores concepts of diversity, inclusion and belonging that build the necessary skills to actively contribute to a positive work and learning culture.

“The content of these modules will support individual reflection on the complexities of identities and experiences while providing strategies to promote a sense of belonging and well-being for colleagues and students,” said Director of the Office of Inclusive Excellence Education and Development Carla Fullwood. “Having a common entry point for education and development will allow OIEED and HR to expand knowledge and deepen personal and professional skillsets to advance Inclusive Excellence at Elon.”

The suite is structured to be accessible and productive in many ways. The modules are 10 to 15 minutes each and are easily accessed remotely and in-network. Moreover, it allows participants to enter the conversation wherever they are on the journey of development.

Preparing for their Elon experience, the Class of 2026 students participated in these courses during the summer. “It was very educational and I think it prepared me to come to Elon and engage with people that have different experiences than me,” said Brie Melchor ’26.

The Division of Inclusive Excellence highly encourages all faculty and staff to engage with this material. The DIB Suite provides faculty and staff with common language and experiences as our students; it assists in facilitating one of the pillars of the Boldly Elon Strategic Plan – thrive; and amplifies personal and professional development through Inclusive Excellence.

The implementation of the DIB Suite permits individuals to self-identify as leaders within the community and access the modules designed to strengthen one’s ability to serve as a role model and advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion through various institutional processes.

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Modules

DIB Suite

  • Introduction
  • Foundations for Belonging
  • Exploring Our Identities
  • Addressing Our Biases
  • Understanding Our Impact
  • Tools for Allyship
  • Conclusion

DIB Suite for Leaders

  • Introduction
  • Your Role as a Leader
  • Building a Diverse Team
  • Leading an Inclusive Team
  • Equity, Performance, and Development
  • Conclusion

For descriptions and learning outcomes of each module, review the DIB Suite  or DIB Suite for Leaders outline. To access the DIB Suite, log in using Elon credentials and select start.

The modules align with the mission of the Office of Human Resources to support “the university’s most valuable asset, its employees” by providing programs like the DIB Suite. “We will be able to use this knowledge as a base for conversations around policy and culture which will ultimately tie into the university’s efforts around recruitment and retention and making Elon a place where all faculty and staff genuinely have the opportunity to thrive,” said TJ Bowie, equal opportunity and HR compliance manager.

Upcoming professional development offerings include Communities of Practice, where conversations will be facilitated on areas for deeper development and action items based on the exposure and learning from these modules in the DIB Suite. If you would like further information please contact TJ Bowie.