Employer Highlights: Catching up with Elon alumnae at Jennifer Bett Communications

Elon alumnae Amanda Gibson '21 and Chloe Gillespie '21 found their dream jobs at Jennifer Bett Communications (JBC), a public relations firm with a cutting-edge approach to consumer awareness.

Amanda Gibson ’21, left, and Chloe Gillespie ’21

Jennifer Bett Communication (JBC) offers fast-growing start-ups and uniquely competitive brands a dynamic approach to consumer and media awareness. With offices located in New York City and Los Angeles, JBC manages media relations by crafting meaningful narratives for its partners.

Elon alumnae Amanda Gibson ’21, public relations manager, and Chloe Gillespie ’21, associate public relations manager, have raved about JBC. The Student Professional Development Center recently talked with Gibson and Gillespie to get the inside scoop on the PR firm.

How is the summer internship program? What skills should an intern have coming in and what should they expect to take away by the end of their summer?

Gibson: JBC’s internship program offers a hands-on agency experience, thus allowing interns to develop essential skills for a career in media relations. Past relevant internship experience is beneficial but not required. Most importantly, we look for creative, organized, professional interns who are self-starters and problem-solvers. At the end of the semester, our interns hone in on communications, writing, research and creative skills.

Overall, the JBC internship provides an opportunity to understand how a media relations agency works and the skills necessary to succeed in this industry.

What day-to-day roles should an intern expect?

Gibson: Interns at JBC are given the opportunity to work across divisions and clients, meaning each day looks different. JBC interns are responsible for monitoring the media and relevant news outlets for timely news angles and stories. Day-to-day tasks include media auditing, pitch writing, research and brainstorming projects, press clippings and more.

What is your favorite part about your job?

Gillespie: Personally, my favorite aspect of working at JBC is the collaborative and creative nature of the agency. As we work with impactful brands, the entire JBC team is passionate about what we do, making our day-to-day work meaningful.

Additionally, I love being a part of the media landscape. When working in media, each day is different, exciting and always relevant to the world around us. Plus, I work in our food and beverage division meaning I get to talk about food all day long. What could be better?

What challenges do you face in your day-to-day roles?

Gillespie: Working at an agency, we work across a roster of clients. During busy times, the biggest challenge is balancing client priorities and remaining organized in terms of priorities. Additionally, as we work in media, our daily work is constantly changing and dependent on the news cycle. Thus, our day-to-day is quite unpredictable and can be flipped in an instant.

What are some of the projects/brands you have personally worked on?

Gibson: Having both been interns ourselves, we really enjoy working on the intern committee to help closely mentor the next group of those joining JBC. Across the board, the clients we work with at JBC have a bigger mission – whether that’s telling the story of sustainability or amplifying minority voices. That in itself is always something that’s exciting and meaningful to be a part of.

I saw that a growing part of JBC focuses on social impact and health & wellness, can you describe these fields?

Gillespie: As an agency, we’re always looking to be innovators and to be leading the industry. Our Social Impact team works across clients that aren’t as focused in consumer products, but amplifying thought leaders in their respective fields. We also have a growing affiliate division which is becoming an increasingly important factor in earned media placements. Having our own team focusing on this part of the media relations process allows us to have a better understanding of the industry and serve our clients’ needs in a more comprehensive way.

 How would you summarize the company culture?

Gibson: JBC’s company culture is collaborative, encouraging and unconventional. Our work is very collaborative in nature but JBC goes above and beyond in cross-divisional collaboration, a major driver of our success. There’s a constant intersection of creative, intelligent minds working together. It’s also an extremely encouraging work environment, we even have a very active Slack channel dedicated to “kudos,” where we shout out each other’s great work.

What advice do you have for Elon students interested in working for JBC?

Gillespie: Get involved! Elon offers incredible resources and opportunities for experience prior to graduation. Familiarize yourself with the media landscape and do your research prior to applying for position. Enthusiasm and professionalism go a long way. Beyond JBC, never be afraid to connect with someone and learn more about the company culture, positions available and their own career before applying. It always helps to have a person advocating for you on the inside! 

Interested students should check out the Elon Job Network and Jennifer Bett Communication careers for upcoming opportunities.